LEONOVA DIAMOND is a portable tool for measuring the working conditions in difficult industrial environments. This sound and sophisticated tool grants your condition monitoring program outstanding analytical and troubleshooting capabilities. Leonova Diamond is the perfect choice where the effectiveness of the measurement is a priority as it combines the potential of proven measurement techniques suitable for every situation.

LEONOVA DIAMOND includes both the High Definition Shock Pulse Method – (SPM HD®) to check the status of the bearings and a vibration analysis advanced function to check the general status of the machine.

HT PQA820 is the innovative proposal to make the analysis of all the components of a three-phase or single-phase electrical system easily accessible.

Advanced multi-function tool for checking the safety of civil and industrial electrical systems (CEI 64-8 and IEC / EN61557-1)
Inspection of magneto-thermal protections, fuses and cable sizing, grounding system resistance with 2-3 points voltamperometric method in TT, TN and IT systems, global grounding resistance measurement and with T2100 current clamp (optional), ground resistivity, measurement of electrical parameters in single-phase installations (V, A, W, VAR, VA, PF). Type A, AC, B up to 1A differential switch tests, also with separate toroid with test current up to 10A (with optional RCDX10), measurement of insulation resistance, protective conductors continuity measurement, verification of phases cyclical sense of (SEQ) and dispersed currents, measurement of environmental parameters through external probes.

The SANDING TOTAL STATION ARC 6 SERIES is the total measurement station for performing structural geometric surveys of overhead traveling cranes and wheel and mechanical units alignments, with measurement of runways and their geometric check.