E.T.I. was founded in 1991 and the main activity was focused on the sale, maintenance and repair of alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) motors without size restrictions.

In the early 2000s, thanks to the network developed in the first years of activity in the industrial manufacturing field, the Management improved the service to its customers: besides the supply of engines, the homogeneous management of drives, electromechanical and programmable (PLC) command and control logics was added.

The group was also supported by technical designers and software engineers dedicated to the development of this new product line.

In 2005, E.T.I. acquired new headquarters with operational spaces able to satisfy market requests for the supply of new machines and for the modernization of existing ones.

The work with important regional industrial companies in shipbuilding and metallurgy supported the Management in taking the decisive step towards the creation of a working group dedicated to “CRANES”, with particular attention to:

  • Field inspections
    and checks

  • Predictive and corrective

  • Modernization
    of control panels

  • Modernization of
    on-board systems and instrumentation

In 2010, such development took shape with the acquisition of important orders of cranes, thus engaging E.T.I. in the supply of equipment and services for important groups such as Arcelor, Mittal, Arvedi, Abs, Nidec, and Fincantieri.

The growth of the company meant further development of the group “CRANES” in 2014, by completing the workforce with personnel specialized in machines mechanical inspection and maintenance, and thanks to the acquisition of specialized equipment to offer its customers specific analyses –such as instrumental geometric checks, thermography and analysis of the vibration states of rotating machines–, which are of fundamental importance for a predictive analysis of possible anomalies.

In 2017, E.T.I signed a collaboration agreement with Cerrato located in the province of Turin (Beinasco), a company operating in the field of lifting machines for 50 years, thus becoming a reference in the Triveneto area (three regions in the north eastern part of Italy) for all the after-sales services of Cerrato machines.

The pillars of the company are